Non Marine Insurance, Reinsurance & Finance

Aside from his experience in Marine Insurance, John has extensive non marine insurance and reinsurance experience including:

  • Advising a Singapore insurance company in respect of their possible liability for US$5 million under a facultative contract of reinsurance over APP’s D&O policy, subject to Singapore law and jurisdiction.  The facultative reinsurance was subject to arbitration in Australia and the law of New South Wales.  The underlying SEC claims against the insured directors were taking place in New York.
  • Advising a large European insurer and their European reinsurer on the avoidance of their entire treaty relationship with a Korean insurer involving litigation and arbitration in both Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Advising a leading luxury hotel group in relation to the litigation and arbitration and recoverability of a US$50 million BI claim following damage to various luxury hotel properties in Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Maldives, following the 26 December 2004 tsunami.
  • Advising the then largest non marine syndicate at Lloyd’s (Sturge 210) on the recoverability by arbitration and litigation of its numerous international reinsurances following its transfer into run off.  This work was subsequently subsumed into Equitas.
  • Acted for Malaysian Bank in contesting liability under a derivative contract in litigation in Malaysia and London.
  • Acting for insurers in subrogated litigation against banks through the courts of Bangladesh following trade credit insurance claim for discrepancy in letter of credit.
  • Advising reinsurer following jewell theft from luxury hotel shop window in Paris.
  • Advising insured on product recall insurance claim following threats of contamination to their popular brand.
  • On the transactional side, advising numerous international businesses on issues relating to choice of law; arbitration or litigation, and preferred institution/rules, for a wide range of transactions.
  • Film financing insurance dispute.
  • Acting against banks in enforcing guarantees and letters of credit.