We have experience involving construction projects on land and offshore.  Some examples are provided below.

Onshore construction

  • Dispute over fault in newly built factory in India
  • Causation and insurance coverage analysis following collapse of bridge being built between Laos and Thailand
  • Causation and coverage review following uneven subsidence of newly built office tower in Singapore

Offshore construction

  • Handling contractor’s claim for delay caused to subsea riser clamp installation program offshore India due to defective pre-installation survey and non confirming free issue material.
  • Handling LCIA arbitration concerning tripod leveling tools to be deployed as part of spread for offshore wind-farm installation in Europe.
  • Handling dispute over damage caused to subsea pipeline off Malaysia.
  • Advising on insurance cover following explosion at newly constructed oil terminal in Malaysia.
  • Advising on claims arising from thyristor failure at new coal fired power station in PRC.
  • Advising on liability for defective construction of various other industrial facilities including methanol plant; cement silos; tank farm; site for coal stockpile.
  • Advising after damage caused to SBMs supplying power stations following change of tidal conditions due to nearby land reclamation.
  • Advising after bridge collapsed due to nearby land reclamation.


  • Advising after damage caused to topside unit when it slipped during load out at shipyard.
  • Advising after crane collapsed causing fatalities, damage and delay during construction of rig at shipyard.
  • Advising on damage caused by flooding of vessel whilst under construction.
  • Advising on damage caused to vessels whilst being repaired or modified in shipyards.
  • Advising on claims relating to defective construction of various types of vessel.
  • Acting as arbitrator in relation to shipbuilding disputes between yard and customers.